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Back to the Future-Going Pagan in the UK and Europe

Historical cross over subject from my other blog Church, State, Faith and Culture.

My Take

In the History Channel’s surprisingly successful series, Vikings, there is a scene where Ragnar’s brother Rollo is baptized.

Rollo is baptized for pragmatic reasons much to the amusement of his fellow Vikings who know Rollo has no intention of abandoning the old gods or Viking ways.

The scene reminded me of a historical event known as the Edict of Milan. The Edict of Milan proclaimed religious tolerance for all religions in the Roman Empire in 313 A.D. The edict followed Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity. Whatever Constantine’s reasons for his conversion (he was only baptized on his death-bed) his conversion stopped the persecutions of Christians and led to the overall Christianizing of the Roman Empire.

See Bruce Shelley’s article on the subject here. The Emperor’s New Religion

Almost over night people who had been happily pagans “converted” to Christianity. Eventually, the Christianizing extended into Scandinavia and by 1000 A.D…

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