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A Rapist and Murderer Hanged, 1937

A Rapist and Murderer Hanged, 1937

This is the face of the worst kind of criminal-the kind whose acts turn civilized men and women into lynch mobs. It belongs to commonplace-looking men who move unmolested through the streets of U.S. cities.

Attila, You Are on the Wrong Side of History

Attila, You Are on the Wrong Side of History

Lecturing terrorists and empire builders that they are on the wrong side of history does not stop them from terrorizing or empire building.

A few thoughts on the Six-Day-War

I was fourteen-years old and in the hospital. I had fallen in a cement culvert while walking across a plank. I never said I was all that coordinated! I broke my left arm shattering the elbow in five places. A surgery was required to fix the arm. To this day I retain one of the […]

Lindisfarne Gospels and Vikings

In the History Channel’s new series on the Vikings there is an episode where the Vikings raid the Island of Lindisfarne, a small island off of England’s Northumbrian coast. The raid is thought to be the beginning of Viking adventures on England, Scotland, Ireland, France and just about everywhere else their longships could carry them. […]

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This is a promo for my new second blog titled Church, State, Faith and Culture. Creeping Islam, Creeping Sharia

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Church, State, Faith and Culture I’ve started another blog titled above to better categorize my interests.¬† Check it out if it appears to interest you.

Star of Bethlehem, Real?

Fascinating combination of history and astronomy. Link to HotAir where I got the story

Was Jesus a Socialist or a Capitalist? – Jesus Christ – Fox Nation

Was Jesus a Socialist or a Capitalist? – Jesus Christ – Fox Nation. This is a thought provoking article if for no other reason it disses the notion that one can interpret Scripture anyway one wants to in order to get it to say what certain politicians want it to say.    

CAIR chief claims Muslims discovered America first | The Daily Caller

CAIR chief claims Muslims discovered America first | The Daily Caller. CAIR (the nice sounding¬†Council on American-Islamic Relations) is a front group for Islamic Jihadists lest anyone think this organization is really about civil rights and American-Islamist relations. That claim however is not the most asinine claim in the article. The claim that Islam “discovered” […]

Murderous Revenge and Domestic Terrorism

This is a follow-up to my post on Domestic Terrorism. I want to say at the outset even if it means some readers will disregard the rest of the post that I support the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the conservative interpretation of that Amendment. Here it is: A well regulated militia, being necessary […]