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The Battle of Vitoria, 21 June 1813.

Originally posted on War and Security:
In 1812 Wellington defeated the French at Salamanca, took Madrid, and then advanced to Burgos. He failed to capture Burgos, and was forced to retreat past Salamanca. Crucially, however, his army retained control of the fortresses of Ciudad Rodrigo in the north and Badajoz in the south. These two…

Franz Ferdinand assassination relic displayed

Originally posted on The Cotton Boll Conspiracy:
The shirt Archduke Franz Ferdinand was wearing when he and his wife were shot in the streets of Sarajevo in June 1914, sparking the fuse that  led to World War I, is on display in Vienna. The blood-splattered garment, once white but now stained a dark brown, is being exhibited in…

The Massacre at Nemmorsdorf

General William Tecumseh Sherman remarked that “war is hell” as his Army marched through a crumbling Confederacy in his famous March  to the Sea. Certainly the Southerners in the path of Sherman’s Army would have agreed as they saw their lives turned upside down and in some cases lost to Sherman’s “bummers” as his western […]

Germany and the Centenary 1914/2014 – The forgotten war

Originally posted on Gott mit uns! German Military History 1848-1945:
“It’s important that we remember the war dead on both sides of the line – the Germans suffered the same as we did.” – Harry Patch I watched the funeral service of Harry Patch, when he was laid to rest in August 2009. Due to…

The old gods are the new gods

Originally posted on My Take:
The Greeks who worship the ancient gods. The above link goes to the BBC News. It’s an interesting story about modern-day Greeks that worship the old gods. Some of the worshipers even dress up in period costumes much like a re-enactor would. Council of the gods on Mt. Olympus The…

A President Unlike Lincoln

Originally posted on My Take:
Years ago while reading about the American Revolution I came across the following statistics that for some reason stuck with me. The author wrote that perhaps only 1/3 of the American colonists were actively rebellious against the British crown. Another 1/3 were actively loyal to the crown and the remaining…

Puff the Magic Dragon

My pastor friend is heading out to Brazil today to teach a two-week seminary course on The Pentateuch. He has a sense of humor and while waiting at the Milwaukee airport he messaged on FB, “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.” The line immediately took me back to […]

My Name is Ubena

It is not uncommon for a nation to name ships after prominent people. It is a common practice for warships (USS Ronald Reagan,  Nuclear Aircraft Carrier) and merchant ships (Edmund Fitzgerald, ore carrier, lost on Lake Superior during a November, 1975 storm. But, how about children named after a ship? It’s happened at least once. […]

Pomp and Circumstance India and Pakistan Style

India and Pakistan both achieved independence from Great Britain in 1947. Since that time they have fought three wars. Today both countries are nuclear powers and keeping the peace in the future is not a given. Apparently, there is only one major border road crossing between the two countries. Each day, both sides celebrate the […]

Dogfight and Ace Patrol

My dad is probably the main person responsible for my interest in history. During the sixties when I was about ten he purchased three games put out by Milton Bradley that were called the American Heritage Series. One of the games dealt with the American Civil War and was titled Battle Cry. Another dealt with […]