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Atheist Chaplains???

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My Take

I few weeks I posted the story of James Caldwell, a Revolutionary War Chaplain who handed out hymnals written by Issac Watts during a Revolutionary War battle. The goal was to supply paper wading to the Continental Infantry who were engaged in a fire fight with British Regulars. The Continentals were running low on paper wadding so Caldwell supplied the hymnals for a paper substitute and uttered the words, “Give them Watts boys” or something to that effect.

In was General George Washington who established the military chaplaincy and until recently it was presumed that military chaplains had freedom of religion and the freedom to share their faith.

We’ve come along way since the Christianized American culture of 1777 to the “don’t you dare offend me with your religion” culture of 2013. Sadly, the American military is leading the charge (with the Obama Administration working behind the scenes) to start…

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