How Disney aided the troops in WWII

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Disney in WWII Just one day after Pearl Harbor, Walt Disney received his first military contract and began creating promotional reels, war bond advertisements, short training and instructional films, and other WWII materials.? Also at this time, he received requests from military units all over the world requesting Disney-designed insignia’s…

Entangling Alliances

Did you know that only Congress has the power to declare war? It indeed requires an Act of Congress to declare war; yet, since 1941, the US has fought in numerous wars involving US personnel and other wars by proxy where we supplied arms and munitions. The war in Ukraine is a proxy war that […]

Japan’s Underwater Aircraft Carrier I-400 series conclusion

Originally posted on Pacific Paratrooper: Watch the surrender of a I-400 class Supersubmarine. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto called for the construction of 18 of the massive submarines carrying a total of 36 attack planes. The name of the special submarine class was abbreviated to Sen-toku. The attack planes had to be designed from scratch. The…

Japan’s Underwater Aircraft Carrier / part-one

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I-400 Series Super-submarine Lieutenant Commander Stephen L. Johnson had a problem on his hands; a very large problem. His Balao-class submarine, the Segundo, had just picked up a large radar contact on the surface about 100 miles off Honshu, one of Japan’s home islands, heading south toward Tokyo.  World War II in…

From the Depression to the Draft

From the Depression to the Draft

Approximately 16 million Americans served in World War Two. All came out of the Depression with many being jobless prior to the war and most being poor. It’s been said that World War Two helped bring America out of the Depression and that is certainly true as industry geared up, not only to supply our […]

Private Aldo Riyoni

Private Aldo Riyoni

This past spring and summer’s travels were frutiful as I found some WW2 era postcards in various antique stores. The most interesting to me are the ones that contain a message to loved ones. I like to record them here in the hopes that maybe some relative will recognize the name and request the card […]

Operation Downfall, part two

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Operation Downfall/Olympic In a memo from the Undersecretary of the Navy, a project named “Dagwood” was mentioned, but I am unable to locate any details. MacArthur sent out a deceptive message (with slip-shot secrecy) to be intercepted by the Japanese called “Pastel Two.” This showed a detailed “plan” about Allied…

Operation Downfall – part one

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Plans for Japan – click to enlarge The original idea for the invasion of Japan was approved in July 1944 and received constant, precise detailing up until the actual signing of the surrender. Operation Downfall was broken into two separate plans, Operation Olympic which would be followed by Operation Coronet.…

Brother’s of War-The Iron Brigade at Gettysburg.

The Iron Brigade (also known as the Black Hats because they wore the hats of the US Regulars) in the Union Army of the Potomac initially consisted of the 2nd, 6th, 7th Wisconsin Infantry and the 19th Indiana Infantry. Battery B, 4th US Artillery was attached to the brigade. The brigade after severe losses at Antietam was brought […]

Bloody Hill

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek (called Oak Hills by the Southerners) was fought ten miles southwest of Springfield, Missouri on August 10, 1861. Named for the stream that crosses the area where the battle took place, it was a bitter struggle between Union and Southern forces for control of Missouri in the first year of […]