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British WW1 Cannon

British WW1 Cannon

There is a World War One British cannon on display in a small park in Wabasha, MN.   The only information as to how and why a British canon became part of park in Wabasha is this: —This park features a prominent WW1 cannon from the early 1900’s. The cannon was almost salvaged but, thanks […]

Who was Bar-Kokhba?

Who was Bar-Kokhba?

The Jews fought two major wars against their Roman occupiers. The First Jewish War ended in 70 AD when the Roman General Titus stormed Jerusalem and destroyed what is known as the Second Temple. The temple’s destruction fulfilled what Jesus had prophesied in Matthew 24:1-2. The Second Jewish War was fought during the reign of […]

Send me a Valentine (British Mark X)

Much is made of American lend-lease to Russia during WW2 but let’s not forget British lend-lease. The above link documents the finding of a British Mark X Valentine tank in a Polish river. It is an extremely rare find since the Red Army did not advance into Poland until 1944. By the time they did […]

Spitfires to Fly Again!

This is good news for Warbirds fans. Some time ago it was reported that the dozens of British Spitfire fighter planes were discovered in Burma! The planes had been crated and buried to avoid the aircraft falling into the hands of the invading Japanese. It’s estimated that there are 60 British Spitfires to be dug […]

Lord Stirling and the 1st Maryland Regiment

I enjoy getting posts from the Center of Battlefield Archaeology on my FB. They frequently touch on subjects that interest me or I know something about. One recent post had to do with the 1st Maryland Regiment of the Continental Army. A historian by the name of Bob Furman believes that 254 soldiers of the […]

The Enemy Below

  Recently I had the opportunity to watch an old movie that I had not seen in a number of years but remembered it as a great film. The movie is the 1957 release of the The Enemy Below. The story line is a cat and mouse game between a German U-boat captained by Curt […]

WW2 Plane and Pilot Found After 70 Years

William Pryor-Bennett (62) is the closest living relative of Flight Sergeant Denis Copping, who, at the age of 24, crash-landed his Kittyhawk P40 plane and walked across the sands to his death. This is a fascinating story of the above RAF Squadron 260 pilot, Sergeant Denis Copping. Sergeant Copping and another pilot were flying two […]

Miscellaneous History Links and Commentary

Today I have a miscellaneous collection of links, anyone of which could merit a story of its own. Link #1. I’m one of those people who has 2-3 or 4-6 books going at the same time. So much to read, so little time. You book people get it. Anyway, John Keegan‘s The First World War […]

Battle Field Archaeology_Stalingrad

Interesting article from The Voice of Russia. I have a few comments below the article. Secrets of the Stalingrad Conveys. A unique underwater search expedition, “The Secrets of the Stalingrad Convoys”, has been completed on the Volga River. It was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad.  A team […]

Found: WW2 Spitfires

As a kid, I and my friends who were interested in World War 2 were enthralled and excited when the movie The Battle of Britain came out. I recall going to public library in order to read up on the time period when Britain stood virtually alone against the Nazis. The out numbered but never […]