A Christmas Gift from Grandpa 1961

My grandfather died when I was only nine. He was fifty-nine. My memories of him are all pleasant. He was a kind man and I remember fondly sitting on his lap with my younger sister. We’d ask him for ice cream because our step-grandmother was a bit mean in our eyes and grandpa was the […]

My Viking Ancestors

Light-side Stuff One of  my great grandmothers was of German-Danish extraction (Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein was Danish until 1864.) which means some of my ancestors looked like this fine fellow. Handsome don’t you think?

Now that’s a hat!

Thai Royal Guard Those are some hats!

Zombie Head Dogs: Lite Side Saturday 11/3/12

I have not taken the time to verify this but think it’s funny: Dana Perino (FOX News) describing an interview she recently had with a Navy SEAL. After discussing all the countries that he had been sent to, she asked if they had to learn several languages? “Oh, no ma’am, we don’t go there, to […]

Confessions of a Book-a-holic

The definition of a book-a-holic is someone who hoards books and or cannot get enough books. The definition of a bookmobile is a vehicle that transports books. If my house had wheels it would be a bookmobile for a book-a-holic. There is even a website for people like me.  The page features, You know you […]

Psych Warfare: Trick or Treat – The Strange Tale of Ghost Tape No. 10

Psychological propaganda used in war is as old as war itself. Psyching out the enemy in order to demoralize him is a handy way to pave the way for an easier victory. A wise commander will attempt to minimize the other side’s psych warfare and maximize one’s own efforts. One example I thought of off […]

Lite Side Saturday_10/27/12

In case you ever wondered what the proper way is to eat a triceratops. Do you think your house or apartment is small? How about small on purpose in Poland? And then there is this exchange that occurred after the second Iraq War. Iranian Air Defense Site: ‘Unknown aircraft you are in Iranian airspace. Identify […]