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Psychotropic Drugs and Guns

As some of my readers know I am a pastor and biblical counselor by profession. I am not a psychologist nor a medical doctor. The counsel that a biblical counselor gives comes from the Word of God, hence the biblical in biblical counselor.

Frequently however the biblical counselor works with people who are on psychotropic drugs. Frequently, these people want to get off their prescriptions. A responsible biblical counselor will then encourage the person to consult with the doctor that prescribed the drugs in order to get off them.

The reason for this is 1) a biblical counselor is not a doctor and does not practice medicine and 2) there can be serious side effects as a person withdraws from their prescription.

Psychotropic drugs are supposed to help a person function better. This is done by adjusting brain chemistry. The results are often unpredictable which is why a person on psychotropics should be monitored closely while on the drugs. It’s also the reason there are so many psychotropic cocktails available. What “works” for one person may not work for another so often times the cocktail is changed. Whatever the case, the cocktail does something to brain chemistry.

Sometimes the people a biblical counselor sees asks whether or not they should be on the psychotropics. I for one choose not to dispute the decision they and their doctor have already made. Instead, I ask them if they are familiar with the side effects for the particular drug they are on. I do this so they understand the risk and so, if they choose, they can work something out with their doctor about withdrawing

The point of this lengthy discussion on how I do part of my job is to make an observation about gun control and psychotropic drugs.

Whenever we have a tragedy like Newton the commonality just about everyone focuses on is the gun used. It most certainly is a fact that most mass murders are gun-related. But is that the only commonality?

The answer to that question is no.

The Undeniable Link Between Psychotropic Drugs and School Shootings


The above link goes to a website that makes the case there is a link between psychotropic drugs and school shootings. Articles like this are not hard to find and the data should suggest that perhaps some serious investigation should be done with this rather obvious commonality.

Yet, the attention continues to be focused on the gun commonality and no one seems to seriously ask the question about guns plus psychotropic drugs

Remember that psychotropic drugs are prescribed because the person and the doctor believe the person is ill; that is, mentally ill. The mental illness may or may not be severe but the basic premise is that something is wrong with brain chemistry and there is a need to adjust it.

This is why we hear that so-and-so was deranged when they did this or that. It is not a surprise to find out they have been treated for some mental illness.

This last point is anecdotal and pertinent.

My father-in-law suffered from significant bouts with depression. From the end of WW2 to the day he passed away there were numerous episodes of hospitalization and prescriptions. My mother-in-law never wanted a gun in the house. Why? Because she feared my father-in-law would use it to commit suicide. My mother-in-law was simply applying common sense

How many of these mass murderers over the years kill others and then kill themselves? How many come to the place of mass murder prepared to die either at the hands of the police or by their own hand.  The answer is most. Few surrender.

Should we not at least ask do psychotropic drugs make it easier for some people to have a death wish and the desire to kill others? The fact we do not give it much attention at all suggests a rather different agenda by the administration and the main stream media.

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