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Prayer before Battle – FATHER, I call Thee! – German prayer by Theodor Körner

Prayer before Battle – FATHER, I call Thee! – German prayer by Theodor Körner. Most western armies issued their soldiers small pocket Bibles or prayer books or both upon enlistment. Sometimes in the USA the local church would do the same. Whatever else one might say about this practice it certainly reflects a time in […]

Pretty good summation from my blogger friend J. G. Burdette of Robert Utley’s The Lance and the Shield, the Life and Times of Sitting Bull. I read the book as well. Utley is a premier old west historian.

A Christmas Gift from Grandpa 1961

My grandfather died when I was only nine. He was fifty-nine. My memories of him are all pleasant. He was a kind man and I remember fondly sitting on his lap with my younger sister. We’d ask him for ice cream because our step-grandmother was a bit mean in our eyes and grandpa was the […]

The Little Drummer Boy Song

Every time I hear the song The Little Drummer Boy I cannot help to think of my mom. It was her favorite. From Title of the Song: “Little Drummer Boy” was originally titled “Carol of the Drums” because of the repeating line “pa rum pum pum pum” which imitates the sound of a drum. […]

Augustus Caesar and Jesus

The month of August is named for Augustus Caesar. As an adjective, august means that which inspires reverence or admiration or meaning of supreme dignity or grandeur, majestic, venerable or eminent. “Augustus” is a title, from the Latin, Imperator Caesar Divi F. Augustus (September 23, 63 BC – August 19, 14 AD.) Augustus’ real name […]

Originally posted on Missional Meanderings:
I am guessing this title will draw hoards of people to the blog.  Nothing gets the blood pumping like a discussion, no matter how short, on the doctrine of bibliology.  Why, the WordPress dictionary doesn’t even know what it is and tries to change it to “biology,” which is probably…

The Problem of Evil_Domestic Terrorism

Today I saw a picture on FB on an unarmed ex-Marine standing guard in his fatigues at an elementary school. The symbolism, at least to me, was significant. Certainly, an armed US Marine guarding the door at Sandy Hook would have deterred the likes of Adam Lanza, a low life who was nothing more than […]

Saints and Soldiers Airborne Creed Review

I became familiar with the Saints and Soldiers series while perusing You Tube. I was intrigued enough by these different kind of war movies to purchase Saints and Soldiers Airborne Creed. The strength of the movie lies in its ability to tell a simple story. Saints and Soldiers are not epic movies in that they […]

There Oughta be a Law

Law. Without law there would be chaos. Law sets boundaries. If you chose to go beyond the boundary of law there will be consequences. The simplest illustration of this is that of a speed limit. If you choose to exceed the speed limit by “x” mph you run the risk of being nabbed by the […]

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