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Psychotropic Drugs and Guns

As some of my readers know I am a pastor and biblical counselor by profession. I am not a psychologist nor a medical doctor. The counsel that a biblical counselor gives comes from the Word of God, hence the biblical in biblical counselor. Frequently however the biblical counselor works with people who are on psychotropic […]

The “Ignore the Information” Voter

I have a low-level membership in The Heritage Foundation, a conservative organization dedicated to upholding the Constitution. I like them because they are very good at assembling facts and making sound arguments founded on principle. Yet, here is a take-away line from their latest email update: Unfortunately, we live in a time in which people […]

There Oughta be a Law

Law. Without law there would be chaos. Law sets boundaries. If you chose to go beyond the boundary of law there will be consequences. The simplest illustration of this is that of a speed limit. If you choose to exceed the speed limit by “x” mph you run the risk of being nabbed by the […]