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Do not doubt Israeli resolve

Make no mistake, Israel will go it alone in a war with Iran, a nation that unabashedly wishes to destroy Israel. American promises to prevent Iran from going nuclear are in my opinion quite dubious under President Obama, a man who cannot give a straight answer regarding Benghazi and whose administration bends over backwards to appease Islam.

Strong against the Hamas

Strong against the Hamas (Photo credit: Hadar)

But sometimes wars do not start on the main front, they start elsewhere and spread. I think such is the case between Israel and Gaza where the Iranian surrogate of Hamas is in control.

The Israeli’s take out Hamas’ top military commander, a man sworn to their destruction and Hamas retaliates with indiscriminate rocket attacks (rockets supplied by Iran) and Israel threatens to invade Gaza and take out the rocket bases. (Hamas rocket attacks were occurring on a regular basis prior to Israel taking out the Hamas commander. Hamas “retaliating” is akin to blaming a video for a terrorist assassination of an American ambassador.)

The liberal press will again label Israel the aggressor and show pictures of sympathetic collateral damage from Israeli strikes. Israel will live with the criticism realizing it will never get a fair shake. The US will attempt to get Israel to withdraw from Gaza which they will do once they are satisfied the threat has been reduced.

Iran, if they do not have the bomb already will bluster and threaten. If they are close to having the bomb, that is, the famous red line is being crossed, Israel will go it alone and take out what they must.

For Israel it’s about survival.

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