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Panzer Corp Turn 5

The situation on turn five. The French have fallen back from the frontier after taking heavy loses. They have regrouped and launched a serious counter-attack around Paris nearly over-running an exposed artillery unit. I counter-attacked the counter-attack and have attempted to slow their advance with 3 Luftwaffe air strikes. My offensive along the coast is […]

Panzer Corp Game

Teaching my son Panzer Corp. I think he buy it so we can PBM. However, we’re playing France 1940 and elected to be the French. I told him to learn to speak German. 🙂

Originally posted on seaburde:
USS Juneau (Courtesy Wikipedia) On 25 October 1941 an Atlanta-class cruiser, the USS Juneau, was launched in Kearny, New Jersey. In February of the next year she was commissioned. In command was Captain Lyman Swenson. Although Swenson didn’t have much of a home life he didn’t let it affect his attitude.…