Battle Field Archaeology

War of 1812, An Almost Forgotten War

This link has to do with  Battlefield Archaeology. It deals with an unknown incident during the War of 1812. In fact, the War of 1812 is relatively unknown even in the US where it was fought. It’s a bigger deal in Canada since the US took the opportunity to invade Canada. The attempt was a disaster. […]

They found my V2! Pensioner who told police when he saw Hitler’s rocket drop into the sea is vindicated as warhead is found intact in mudfield | Mail Online

They found my V2! Pensioner who told police when he saw Hitler’s rocket drop into the sea is vindicated as warhead is found intact in mudfield | Mail Online. I read about this in a Brit newspaper. If you do not know what a V2 was check out the video. After the war the Americans […]

Australian Enfield

I was checking out my favorite WW2 picture website and came across the below picture. I posted it because I recently posted a couple of other pictures relating to the Australian armed forces in WW2. This picture is interesting to me because two of the soldiers are armed with the Enfield, the standard rifle issued […]

Battle Field Archaeology_Fw-190

A fellow blogger sent me this link to YouTube. A FW 190 in pretty good shape was found in a Russian forest. Interesting battlefield archaeology. FW 190 found Here’s a pic of some FW-190’s waiting to take off somewhere in Russia. Here is some more information on the FW-190 featured in the above video. The […]

A Centurion Goes Down Fighting

First Legion, 60mm Roman Centurion To the left is a picture from the First Legion website of the latest addition to my miniatures collection. It was a Christmas gift my son and daughter-in-law. My other Roman figures from the period represented are from King and Country and they are fine figures, but frankly this Centurion […]

Unrecorded Bravery

One of the more interesting Facebook posts I get is from the Centre for BattleField Archaeology out of the University of Glasgow. It’s a Scots\Brit outfit that reports on what is being found in battlefield digs around the world. They have a nifty FB page that feeds me updates. Today the Centre provided a link […]

Jerusalem-A Battlefield for Centuries

Here’s an interesting link about a Christian artifact found in Jerusalem. It dates to the Byzantine era. The Byzantines (or “Rum” meaning Roman as they called themselves) held Palestine and Jerusalem until 614 A.D. when it fell to the Sassanid Persians.  The Persians (modern Iran) were not Moslems at this time. They practiced a religion […]

Something Here More Important Than a Sword

Israelis link ancient sword to fall of Herod’s temple —JERUSALEM — Israeli archaeologists have discovered a Roman sword from the time of the destruction of the second Jewish temple in 70 AD, ——officials said on Monday as Jews prepared to mourn the anniversary. —The Israel Antiquities Authority said that the 60-centimetre (23.6-inch) long weapon and […]

Remembering the Civil War and a Confederate Submarine

The South was desperate. The North was strangling the Southern economy with an effective naval blockade of the South’s ports. Blockade runners brought scant relief and they were being hunted down by a powerful Federal Navy. The South was desperate and willing to try just about anything to break the Northern blockade. The South hoped the CSA Hunley, […]

Battlefield Archaeology_Misc

Here’s a few more pics I found on the web. This batch deals with some armored vehicles used on the Eastern Front. I’ve always been interested in the subject but lately have been more leisure reading in the area. Currently, I’m reading Blood Red Snow, the diary of German private in a panzer grenadier regiment […]