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Spitfires to Fly Again!

This is good news for Warbirds fans.

Some time ago it was reported that the dozens of British Spitfire fighter planes were discovered in Burma! The planes had been crated and buried to avoid the aircraft falling into the hands of the invading Japanese.

British Supermarine Spitfire-Classic Warbird of WW2

It’s estimated that there are 60 British Spitfires to be dug up and restored since Great Britain and Burma have agreed to work on the project together.

I fell in love with the “Spit” as a child when the movie The Battle of Britain came out (most British fighters were Hurricanes at the time, but the “Spit” got the greater glory). It’s a classic aircraft and the restored planes will serve as a tribute to the brave RAF and Commonwealth pilots that flew them.
Great scene below from The Battle of Britain. Goring is berating brave Luftwaffe pilots for not having the desired success against the RAF. Then he tries to be “nice” after ripping them. He says is there anything you need?

One Luftwaffe pilot asks him for a “squadron of Spitfires!” The look on Goring’s face is priceless. Enjoy.

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