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Father’s Day, Milwaukee Braves,

I was riding home from vacation and tuned in the Milwaukee Brewer’s Game. They were getting killed by the Boston Red Sox 12-3. Never-the-less, it made me think of when I first was interested in baseball and its connection with my dad. It seemed appropriate since today is Father’s Day. I must have been about […]

Wisconsin’s Iron Brigade_2nd WI

Recently I attended an American Civil War Reenactment put on by the 10th Tennessee and 2nd Wisconsin. It was not a large affair and the first year they did something like this in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Each side featured 8-9 infantry soldiers and one artillery crew each. The skirmish started out with the 8-9 Wisconsin […]

Ancestor in German Army II

This is an update. Back on Apr 4th I posted the following: I did a little research on my great-grandfather on my mother’s side. He was born in Poland when it was not Poland but part of Germany. He served in the German Army in the Herzog Von Holstein Regiment in 1895-96. He came to […]

Remembering the American Civil War via Bruce Catton

I was eight-years-old when out nation celebrated the 100th anniversary of the American Civil War and ten-years-old at the 100th anniversary of the war’s largest battle which was Gettysburg. I vaguely remember seeing newscasts of re-enactors at Gettysburg re-fighting this famous battle. I was hooked on American History and Civil War history in particular. My dad took […]

My Uncle’s Ship_USS Providence_Guided Missile Cruiser

One of my earliest memories is of living in Boston, Massachusetts. My dad was transferred from AC Spark Plug in Oak Creek, Wisconsin to spend a year in Boston and attend MIT. He was involved in developing components for the space program. This would have been 1960 and I was in kindergarten- first grade. While we were in […]