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Battle of the Bulge Miniatures_German

The Battle of the Bulge represented Germany’s last offensive fling on the Western Front. The Reich’s days were numbered and Hitler had to know it. He decided on a desperate gamble to discourage the Western Allies by launching an offensive that would sever the allies from the Belgian ports that had been recently liberated. The attack was […]

Battle of the Bulge Miniatures_American

One of my interests is collecting military miniatures. Back in the day my collection was in 25mm scale and I painted most of them my self. Now with the eyes going I do not paint much anymore and have shifted to collect 54mm pre-painted miniatures in periods of history that interest me. The vendor I […]

US Tanks in Soviet Russian Service in WW2

A while back I posted a pic of an American Sherman tank that had been upended by an explosion. A point of interest was that the tank was in the service of the Russians and part of the massive lend-lease program where the US and Britain supplied massive quantities of arms and armaments to Soviet […]

Mere Christianity

Pastor Mark Driscoll posted this on FB this morning and it reminded me of my past: ‎”Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” – C.S. Lewis I’m not certain but I think the Lewis quote is from Mere Christianity, one […]

Remembering the Civil War and a Confederate Submarine

The South was desperate. The North was strangling the Southern economy with an effective naval blockade of the South’s ports. Blockade runners brought scant relief and they were being hunted down by a powerful Federal Navy. The South was desperate and willing to try just about anything to break the Northern blockade. The South hoped the CSA Hunley, […]