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Father’s Day, Milwaukee Braves,

I was riding home from vacation and tuned in the Milwaukee Brewer’s Game. They were getting killed by the Boston Red Sox 12-3. Never-the-less, it made me think of when I first was interested in baseball and its connection with my dad. It seemed appropriate since today is Father’s Day.

I must have been about 8 or 9 (1961-62) when my dad took me to my first Milwaukee Braves game at the old County Stadium. I’m pretty sure Spahn was pitching because my dad liked to catch games when the legend was pitching. I do not remember who they were playing.

Those were the days!

I remember the thrill of being with my dad, just he and I, and going to see an actual Braves game! Prior to that day all I knew was listening to the radio in our beat up garage or basement as dad did his various projects. Earl Gillespie was the voice of the Milwaukee Braves. Dad bought us hot dogs, soda, peanuts, popcorn and ice cream and when we got home my mom asked, “what did you feed that kid?” I don’t think mom appreciated father/son baseball outings like we did!

I collected baseball cards in those days too. Dad would give me a nickel or sometimes a dime and I’d go to the corner drugstore and spend it on baseball cards hoping for a coveted Braves card! Dad taught to play catch and to hit. It was my dream to hit like Matthews or Aaron and every kid on the block wanted to be them when they grew up.

Sadly, the Braves left Milwaukee in 1965 and broke a lot of hearts. While I like the Brewers and am glad we have them I still miss the Milwaukee Braves. I miss my dad much more. He taught me much, about baseball, The Milwaukee Braves and life. He was a great dad and I wish he was still here for me to tell him so.

I still have an original from the sixties!!!

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