Home Front – Wartime Recipes (5)

This is one of my favorite blogs. It deals with WW2 mostly. During WW2 our parents and grandparents endured rationing so the troops would get first dibs on supplies. A lot of people planted what were called Victory Gardens. They turned yards and parks into gardens to grow veggies. It was a huge success. They also had to get creative with recipes. The gal mentioned in the blog has apparently compiled a book on wartime recipes. Here’s the link..

Pacific Paratrooper


Please thank Carolyn on her website for putting these delicious meals on-line! We often discuss the food our parents and grandparents dined on, despite rationing and wartime, they ate quite well – here are some of the recipes you might want to try out.

Now – you can even download her cookbook for free by clicking Right Here!!

Recipe 131: Kale and Bean Stew

Recipe 132: Pea and Potato Stew

Recipe 133: Baked Chips with Thyme

Recipe 134: Homity Pie

Recipe 135: Vegetable Au Gratin

Recipe 136: Kale and Potato Soup

Recipe 137: Trench Stew

Recipe 138: Irish Potato Pancakes

Recipe 139: Vegetable Soup

Recipe 140: Canadian Bake

Recipe 141: Savoury Meat Pie

Recipe 142: Potatoes in Curry Sauce

Recipe 143: Padded Pudding with Mock Cream + VIDEO RECIPE

Recipe 144: Bread…

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  1. Thank you for the compliment and for that great introduction to the post! Carolyn will appreciate it as well, I know!

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