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War of Ideas Part 2_Six Day War

It was late May, 1967. I had just shattered my left elbow in a fall. I was fourteen. The family doctor called in an orthopedic surgeon to fix the shattered arm. Dr. Salinsky was his name if memory serves me right. After an examination by Dr. Sal I was hauled off to surgery where he […]

US Tanks in Soviet Russian Service in WW2

A while back I posted a pic of an American Sherman tank that had been upended by an explosion. A point of interest was that the tank was in the service of the Russians and part of the massive lend-lease program where the US and Britain supplied massive quantities of arms and armaments to Soviet […]

Battlefield Archaeology_Misc

Here’s a few more pics I found on the web. This batch deals with some armored vehicles used on the Eastern Front. I’ve always been interested in the subject but lately have been more leisure reading in the area. Currently, I’m reading Blood Red Snow, the diary of German private in a panzer grenadier regiment […]

Battle Field Archaeology_T34

I found this interesting photo on one of my INET sweeps. It’s a T34a, made in Russia and has German markings. The Russians built over 50,000 T34’s during WW2 and some were captured and turned on their former owners. And no wonder since it was a fine machine and superior to anything the Germans had […]

Battle Field Archeology_BT-5

This is a blog about stuff that interests me and this item will probably only interest me and 5 other people in the entire USA but here goes. I found this picture of a tank being fished out of a river while surfing WW2 and military websites. What’s the big deal you say? Well, it’s […]