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Fallschirmjager and a CV-35

I like to find the odd ball and lesser known unit and equipment types of the Second World War. I came across the second picture in an online German magazine. The man pointing is a German Fallschirmjager The caption reads Wehrmacht in Rome in 1943. When the Italians surrendered to the Allies in September of […]

Ghost Romans in Britain

Sometimes you just have to post fun stuff! Because of my interest in Roman military history I’ll just run a Google search for various terms and then wade deep into the search to see what turns up. This link kind of cracked me up. It’s from a British Ghost website-a website that documents British ghost […]

Turkey: Warships will back next flotilla – Israel News, So What?

Turkey: Warships will back next flotilla – Israel News, Ynetnews. Update: Today 9/9/11 Egyptians attacked the Israeli Embassy causing the Israeli ambassador to flee. Egyptian police stood by and did nothing to intervene. The Moslem Brotherhood is big in Egypt. This further makes the point I make in the rest of this post. The headline […]