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Misc WW2 Pictures from War-games

The pics are from the collection of blog contributor MS. Most feature his work.

Wargame Tank Busting Stuka

Here are some posed shots of a JU-87d in 1\72nd scale that is used in my friends WW2 Eastern Front Games.

A Hot Day in January 12, 1943

T-34s on the move! Editor Notes The report that follows was made by my friend MS one of the members of the Last Man Club. He and another member do a WW2 game about 2x per month. This was their latest. The scale is 1\72nd. The pictures below are captioned numbered to correspond with the […]

Hill 621, July 1, 1944

The below pictures were taken at a recent Eastern Front game in 1\72nd scale. The scenario was drawn from the board game Squad Leader Scenario #5; Hill 621, July 1, 1944 (from Operation Bagration and the destruction of German Army Group Center). Operation Bagration The scenario featured elements of the 5th Russian Guards Army assaulting […]

Operation Totalize

On August 8,1944 the Allies launched their next offensive to drive the Germans back again.  Not waiting for the attack to begin Kurt Meyer of 12 SS pushed his units forward first.  With elements of the First Canadian Corps and the Northants Yeomanary the Allies were to seize the town of Cintheaux as the first […]

WW2 War Ads_Electric Boat

WW2 War Ads_Electric Boat

…the picture shows the sub surfaced engaging a target with the deck gun. This was a common practice when a merchant ship or transport was not escorted by a destroyer and could picked off alone. There was limited space for torpedoes on a sub so they used them sparingly.

Blast from the Past

If you read this blog then you probably know we are a group of older gamers that began gaming in High School in the late 60s. Back then all we had were Airfix figures and Minitanks. Some survive to this day. My friend JZ sent these two pics below for a trip down memory lane. […]

USS Cobia

USS Cobia

The USS Cobia is a WW2 Gato Class submarine on permanent display in Manitowoc, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. The Cobia was actually built in Connecticut but is exactly the same as the 28 submarines built in Manitowoc during WW2. The building of 28 submarines in a fresh water, inland port is something of […]

Before He was “Old Blood and Guts”

Before He was “Old Blood and Guts”

I seem to recall a Bill Mauldin cartoon featuring the iconic GIs Willie and Joe making comments as General George Patton passes by. Willie says, “there goes old blood and guts” and Joe says, “yeah, our blood and his guts.” George Patton is certainly a legend but there was a time when he was relatively […]

Southern Russia, June, 1942_1

This game was part of a three part series played out be contributors MS and JZ. Report and pictures by MS. Southern Russia, June 1942 Following the failed Russian May Offensive to retake Kharkov, the German Army is again pushing east, taking advantage of weakened Russian forces.  The (10 turn) game, is the spear head […]