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Billy Mitchell was Right (and still is).

I grew up in West Allis Wisconsin-a suburb of Milwaukee. There was parkway and a well-to-do neighborhood (well-to-do in those days) near my school. Sometimes, rather than go right home after school, my friends and I would walk over to the parkway and imagine “playing army” or otherwise adventure around-all the things young boys would […]

Who was Private Charles E. Teed?

Who was Private Charles E. Teed?

I’m back with another “history stuff” blog entry that I got from Life Magazine. The issues I possess are a treasure trove of Americana (late 1930’s) through the war years when Life was fully dedicated to the war effort. The US military drafted 3,033,361 men in 1942. In 1943 slightly more were drafted but 1942-43 […]

Scenario: Operation Cobra in 1\72nd Scale

The scenario was based on the American break out operation from Normandy called Operation Cobra.  The scenario features elements of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich as they attempt to stop or at least slow down the American breakout. The American force consisted of: -3 M5 Stuarts -9 M4 Shermans -1 M4 Sherman (105mm) -4 halftracks […]

Battlefield Action!

Battlefield Action!

In our storage unit I have a small collection of Classic’s Illustrated that somehow survived after 50 years. What has not survived was my collection of war comics from the 60’s. Back in the day every time dad went to a drugstore or some other outlet that had comic books I got one. I remember […]

MEM44 in 1\285th Scale Micro Armor

My son and I have been playing MEM44 since the game came out. For us it was a quick and easy war-game playable on a kitchen table with miniatures. We also enjoyed the card system is the drive engine for the game. Well the other night we had the opportunity to convert MEM44 into a […]

Australians in New Guinea 1\72nd Scale

Recently a friend a I decided on a new project (as if we needed a new project but what the hec). World War 2 on the Western and Eastern Fronts seems to get most of the attention so we decided we were long overdue to do something in the Pacific Theater of Operations. I’ve always […]

Airborne Units Crushed!

The following pictures are from the first battle of a campaign based on the old AH board game Anzio. In this scenario the Herman Goering Panzer Division pushed back elements of British and American AB units with heavy losses. Figures and models by MS and JZ. PAK Gun Panzer IV busts through cover. Armored onslaught! […]

A Don Featherstone Scenario from Tank Battles in Miniature Western Desert

Early Clash Between the 5th Light DAK and the British 3 Bde, 2nd Armored WW2 Desert games do not seem to be popular because of the flat terrain and lack of cover usually leading to a tank shootout.  If you are in possession of Don Featherstone’s book “Tank Battles in Miniature, the Western Desert Campaign […]

Pictures from a Recent WW2_Battle for Minsk

I do not have a battle report to go with the pictures and hope you enjoy them none the less. Models by MS and JZ on MS’s gaming table.

1\72nd Stalingrad

I found some pictures from two years ago of a Stalingrad layout my friend continues to work on. The pictures are samples of a solo game my friend was running for himself. The entire setup is from the collection of JZ. A StugIIIb supports German Infantry as they approach a building strongpoint. More German support […]