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Stauponnen Revisted (East Prussia, 1914)

Stallup├Ânen, East Prussia, 17th August 1914: As the Russian 1st Army advanced into East Prussia, von Francois, the II.Armeekorps commander, was adamantly opposed to giving one meter of ground to the Russians, since the Russian advance was occurring in his own corps district. He insisted that von Prittwitz, the commander of 8.Armee, should attack the […]

Battle of Krasnick, August 23rd, 1914

Krasnik August 23rd, 1914 Type: Meeting Engagement Summary: This scenario is a composite and is bathtubbed, i. e. a battalion represents a division. The Battle of Krasnik was the first major contact between the Austrians and the Russians in Galicia. The Russian Fourth Army was marching southward without a cavalry screen. They were surprised to […]

German Postcards WW1

German Postcards WW1

I picked these two repro postcards up at a gun show from a fellow who deals in militaria. The cards are typical of the type used by most of the major powers in WW1. The soldier at the front would send one of these to his wife or sweetheart to remind her of his love […]

Creeping Tide East Prussia 1914 variant

Scenario Description The Russian XV Corps is advancing toward the strategic town of Hohenstein off a main road. The German 37th ID of XX Corps stands in their path. The German XX Corps is screening the entire Russian 2nd Army as the remainder of the German 8th Army fights the opening battles of Stauponnen and […]

Creeping Tide_1

This scenario was titled Creeping Tide_1 and it was stolen from John Tiller’s excellent PC game titled East Prussia 1914. The German 37th ID supported by Landwehr and Jaegers were tasked to delay an advance by two Russian Infantry Divisions-the 6th and 8th. This game featured only the assault of the Russian 6th ID. The […]

Gumbinnen 3

The Battle of Gumbinnen #3 was the final battle in a three battle campaign that broke the historical battle into three parts. Victory was determined in each sub-battle by determining objectives held or taken while factoring in attrition. The three battles were further experiments as I developed a set of rules called MEM14, a take […]

Don Cossacks 1918-20

Strelets 1\72 Don Cossacks Some critics dislike Strelets but they are certainly unique producing plastic sets that no one else produces. Note that the 12 figures below are all different as are the horses! In that sense they are a painter’s dream offering variety. This set of Don Cossacks from the Strelets WW1 line was […]

A7V Mephisto German Tank WW1

A7V Mephisto at Villers-Bretonneux 1918.  Mephisto was captured by the 15th Australian Brigade and now on display in the Brisbane, Queensland museum.  It is the only surviving original German tank from WW1.  Aberdeen in the USA had one but broke it up for scrap  Eventually 20 A7Vs were built, most lost in combat, broken down, […]

Battle of Gumbinnen_2

The pictures below were taken at the second planned game of the Battle of Gumbinnen in 1914 in East Prussia that we are recreating on the tabletop. The first entry and explanation for the rules and how the first game went can be found here…Battle of Gumbinnen_1 Inspiration and organization for the battle came from […]

Grossvater, ist sie? (Grandfather, is this you?)

Grossvater, ist sie? (Grandfather, is this you?)

Gravelotte-St. Privat was the largest battle in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71). It involved nearly 200,000 Germans and just over 100,000 French. ┬áIt was fought August 18, 1870. The battle was fought fives years after the conclusion of the American Civil War and in that time advances in weaponry had made the old style Napoleonic tactics […]