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Lindisfarne Gospels and Vikings

In the History Channel’s new series on the Vikings there is an episode where the Vikings raid the Island of Lindisfarne, a small island off of England’s Northumbrian coast. The raid is thought to be the beginning of Viking adventures on England, Scotland, Ireland, France and just about everywhere else their longships could carry them. […]

My Viking Ancestors

Light-side Stuff One of  my great grandmothers was of German-Danish extraction (Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein was Danish until 1864.) which means some of my ancestors looked like this fine fellow. Handsome don’t you think?

Columbus Day, Rant of the Day

So I missed the memo it was Columbus Day and went to the bank only to discover it was closed in honor of Christopher Columbus who blundered onto the new continent. So, I’m a little annoyed the bank is closed and then a little more annoyed because Chris didn’t “discover” America, the Vikings did. (not […]