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Brown Water Navy Monitor

The other day at a funeral luncheon I met a representative from the DAV (Disabled American Veterans). He was also a Vietnam War veteran so naturally I took the opportunity to do a brief interview and he was more than willing to oblige me. As it turns out he was part of the Brown Water […]

Puff the Magic Dragon

My pastor friend is heading out to Brazil today to teach a two-week seminary course on The Pentateuch. He has a sense of humor and while waiting at the Milwaukee airport he messaged on FB, “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.” The line immediately took me back to […]

Psych Warfare: Trick or Treat – The Strange Tale of Ghost Tape No. 10

Psychological propaganda used in war is as old as war itself. Psyching out the enemy in order to demoralize him is a handy way to pave the way for an easier victory. A wise commander will attempt to minimize the other side’s psych warfare and maximize one’s own efforts. One example I thought of off […]

We Gotta Get Out of This Place and other Vietnam Era Tunes

I was briefly in the US Army in the early seventies. It was a time when the draft was still in force and the US was pulling out of Vietnam. I had asthma and should not have been enlisted. After five months or so the Army figured that out and gave me an honorable discharge […]