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Murderous Revenge and Domestic Terrorism

This is a follow-up to my post on Domestic Terrorism. I want to say at the outset even if it means some readers will disregard the rest of the post that I support the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the conservative interpretation of that Amendment. Here it is: A well regulated militia, being necessary […]

The Problem of Evil_Domestic Terrorism

Today I saw a picture on FB on an unarmed ex-Marine standing guard in his fatigues at an elementary school. The symbolism, at least to me, was significant. Certainly, an armed US Marine guarding the door at Sandy Hook would have deterred the likes of Adam Lanza, a low life who was nothing more than […]

To know the solution is to first understand the problem…

I live in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Yeah, that Oak Creek. The one that just made the national and international news. My wife and I attend church in Kenosha, Wisconsin. That’s about 30 miles from Oak Creek. It’s where I’m the assistant pastor, but I used to be an assistant pastor at a Bible Church just […]