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I am not a dictator, yet.

President Obama has said a few times that he is not a dictator. Yet he shares some similarities with dictators of the past. The link will take you to my thoughts on the subject. The Cult of Personality and the Accomplice Media.

The “Ignore the Information” Voter

I have a low-level membership in The Heritage Foundation, a conservative organization dedicated to upholding the Constitution. I like them because they are very good at assembling facts and making sound arguments founded on principle. Yet, here is a take-away line from their latest email update: Unfortunately, we live in a time in which people […]

Totalitarianism\Power\Public Education

Some time ago I had a chat with a man 25+ years younger than myself. We had a mutual interest in Russian WW2 History and that led to a political discussion. I was surprised to learn he was a self-proclaimed Marxist with one qualifier. He said that Stalin went too far but as a system […]