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A few thoughts on the Six-Day-War

I was fourteen-years old and in the hospital. I had fallen in a cement culvert while walking across a plank. I never said I was all that coordinated! I broke my left arm shattering the elbow in five places. A surgery was required to fix the arm. To this day I retain one of the […]

Air Superiority in Dollars and Common Sense

In 1940 the Germans were preparing for an invasion of Great Britain. France had been defeated, the British driven from the continent and all that remained was for Germany to cross the channel and finish the job. There was one problem. The problem was in the form of the RAF and the German’s inability, despite […]

War of Ideas Part 2_Six Day War

It was late May, 1967. I had just shattered my left elbow in a fall. I was fourteen. The family doctor called in an orthopedic surgeon to fix the shattered arm. Dr. Salinsky was his name if memory serves me right. After an examination by Dr. Sal I was hauled off to surgery where he […]