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War Toys_1

Below are three pics of some of my summer finds at rummage sales or antique stores. Although I’ve been a military miniature collector (and painter) for most of my life I never branched out into collectible war toys that were manufactured for most of the last century but are increasingly rare today. The models below […]

Some Thoughts on the Movie Fury

Some Thoughts on the Movie Fury

Okay, so I like tanks. I used to build model kits of them but was never all that good at it compared to my friends. I got more glue on my fingers than I did on the model. Sigh. I may try again. Who knows? Maybe age will have improved my skills. So, what initially […]

Battlefield Archaeology_Misc

Here’s a few more pics I found on the web. This batch deals with some armored vehicles used on the Eastern Front. I’ve always been interested in the subject but lately have been more leisure reading in the area. Currently, I’m reading Blood Red Snow, the diary of German private in a panzer grenadier regiment […]