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The Massacre at Nemmorsdorf

General William Tecumseh Sherman remarked that “war is hell” as his Army marched through a crumbling Confederacy in his famous March  to the Sea. Certainly the Southerners in the path of Sherman’s Army would have agreed as they saw their lives turned upside down and in some cases lost to Sherman’s “bummers” as his western […]

My Name is Ubena

It is not uncommon for a nation to name ships after prominent people. It is a common practice for warships (USS Ronald Reagan,  Nuclear Aircraft Carrier) and merchant ships (Edmund Fitzgerald, ore carrier, lost on Lake Superior during a November, 1975 storm. But, how about children named after a ship? It’s happened at least once. […]

Send me a Valentine (British Mark X)

Much is made of American lend-lease to Russia during WW2 but let’s not forget British lend-lease. The above link documents the finding of a British Mark X Valentine tank in a Polish river. It is an extremely rare find since the Red Army did not advance into Poland until 1944. By the time they did […]

Women in Combat

I’m about to be politically incorrect. It won’t be the first time, nor will it be the last I’m sure. But before I go politically incorrect here is the obligatory disclaimer, although I think it’s a good one. My mother-in-law who passed away in 2006 was an Army veteran of WW2. She was a WAC […]

Possibly the Greatest Disaster in Maritime History

April 16 1945 The Red Army has stormed into East Prussia and German Pomerania. The Germans who live there are terrified for good reason. The Red Army has been whipped into a revenge mode by the Soviet author Ilya Ehrenburg. Urged on by Stalin the Red Army would embark on an orgy of rape and destruction not […]