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Send me a Valentine (British Mark X)

Much is made of American lend-lease to Russia during WW2 but let’s not forget British lend-lease. The above link documents the finding of a British Mark X Valentine tank in a Polish river. It is an extremely rare find since the Red Army did not advance into Poland until 1944. By the time they did […]

The Mongols in Poland

A number of years ago my wife and I and some other Americans visited Poland on a mission’s trip. We were in the Krakow area and made side trips into the Czech Republic and Slovokia. While in Poland my wife came across a monument commemorating a battle against the Mongols! I was teaching somewhere else and never did […]

Ancestor in German Army II

This is an update. Back on Apr 4th I posted the following: I did a little research on my great-grandfather on my mother’s side. He was born in Poland when it was not Poland but part of Germany. He served in the German Army in the Herzog Von Holstein Regiment in 1895-96. He came to […]