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The Cost

The Cost

I recently found a treasure trove of WW2 Life Magazines as well as a number of pre-war magazines for a marginal cost. The issue below caught my eye because it is dated July 19th, 1944 thirteen days after the Normandy Invasion which took place on June 6th, 1944. Life Magazines in the war years are […]

D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor

You know a book is a good read when you finish it and wish you had another 500 pages to go. Such was the case when I finished Anthony Beevor’s treatment on the Normandy Invasion(D-Day: The Battle for Normandy). Beevor’s previous two works dealt with the Eastern Front both of which I read. One dealt […]

An Uncle My Wife Never Knew

James F. Robinson is the name of my wife’s uncle. Like the uncle I did not know my wife did not know her uncle either. James died September, 19th, 1944 at the age of 24. He is buried At Henri-Chappelle American Cemetery in Belgium. His service record indicates a bronze star and purple heart. He […]

O3 Springfield and Sniping in Normandy

Another quote from Anthony Beevor’s, D-Day-The Battle for Normandy: Soldiers were advised to lie still if wounded by a sniper. He would not waste another round on a corpse, but would certainly fire again if they tried to crawl away. German snipers concealed in trees often tied themselves to the trunk so that they would […]

An Odd WW2 Fact_Ostbattalions

I’m continuing to read Anthony Beevor‘s excellent treatment of D-Day. Beevor makes frequent reference to the “Ostbattalions” ┬ástationed in France in 1944. Ostbattlions were battalions of east European soldiers recruited from prisoners of war recruited by the Germans to fight for them. This is not as odd as it seems. It even occurred in the […]

Brits, Normandy, Tea and Labor Unions?

I’ve been reading Antony Beevor‘s, D-Day, The Battle for Normandy. Beevor is a well-known British historian and pokes a bit of fun at both Americans and Brits with their different foibles during WW2. For example he quotes Churchill when Churchill famously said, “The Americans always do the right after exhausting all other possibilities.” That cracks […]