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Sorry, we didn’t have enough information

“Leaders must nearly always issue orders without exact information. Our mission and our will are often the only things untouched by obscurity. These will frequently form our only basis for an order. If a leader awaits complete information before issuing an order, he will never issue one.” – Adolf Von Schell, Combat Leadership, (WW1 Officer) […]

What Libya Scandal?

Personally I think the main stream media is sitting on the biggest Presidential scandal since Watergate. It’s bigger than Watergate, bigger that Iran-Contra, bigger than Monica Lewinsky, bigger than Abu Ghraib and bigger than the petty attacks launched at the Republican nominee for President. And now there is a hurricane to help them sit on […]

Who has your back?

I’ve been stewing about this for a while now. When a policeman requests back-up he gets it for the simple reason his or her life is at risk. When your soldiers ask for help, you help them if you have the means for the same reason as a policeman in trouble. It’s not complicated. They […]

A Few Comments on Making Comments

Like many bloggers I screen comments before I approve them, or in some cases trash them. I’ve had to trash very few but when I do it’s because either the comments are rude, profane or otherwise not contributing anything useful. The other reason I’ll trash a comment is because I can’t figure out what the […]

Creeping Sharia_Here, There, Everywhere

Stealth Jihad is the name of a book by Robert Spencer. The subtitle to the book is, How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs. The book is endorsed by Robert Bolton (and others) as was a main selection of the Conservative Book Club. Chapter Six is about how Islam expects to be accommodated in cultures that […]