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The New Cold War – Iran and the West Collide » Armchair General

The New Cold War – Iran and the West Collide » Armchair General.


Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD for short. As a younger man I learned there was a school of thought that argued the US would never get involved in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union because it would mean mutually assured destruction and that would be madness regardless of who got the first shot in. […]

Iran and Israel circa 500 B.C.

Modern day Iran is Persian, not Arab as many Americans seem to think. Most people do not know that Persia (modern Iran) was not always Moslem and not always ruled by the current crop of religious fanatics. Persia has one interesting history!  Alexander the Great, prophesied in the Bible (not by name, Dan. 8:20-21) toppled a number of nations […]

Creeping Sharia

I received my Voice of the Martyrs magazine the other day. The whole issue deals with the persecution of Christians in Moslem countries notably Iran, Afghanistan, South Sudan and the Philippines which is not a Moslem country. In fact an Iranian Christian pastor faces death if he does not recant his faith. To those of you who […]