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Stimulus that Works

Did a little shopping today with my wife and stopped at the sporting goods store. I promised to get some 9mm ammo and a cleaning kit for my Browning FN Hi-Power in my last post but was thwarted when it came to buying the ammo. The store was completely out of 9mm target rounds. Not […]

My Browning “Luftwaffe” 9mm

My dad was a bit of gun collector in his later years. One day he came home with a 9mm Browning Hi-power handgun and an unusual story. He told me that Browning had a factory in Belgium (FN) and licensed their Browning guns to the various European powers before WW2. (The Hi-Power has been used […]

Longbows, Brown Bess and The Constitution

The link is to an article published in History Magazine in 1999 on the English Longbow. If you don’t want to read it here’s some interesting facts. English archers using the longbow were largely responsible for defeating numerically superior French armies on three separate occasions during the 100 Years War (1337-1453). 1. Crecy (1346) 2. […]

Classic Bolt Action Rifle_Lee-Enfield

I have a number of WW2 rifles in a collection I inherited from my dad. Our goal was to collect one rifle from each belligerent but he passed away before we could collect them all. However, he did find some nice pieces. The first one I’ll highlight is the British Enfield. This rifle was the […]

Battle of the Bulge Miniatures_German

The Battle of the Bulge represented Germany’s last offensive fling on the Western Front. The Reich’s days were numbered and Hitler had to know it. He decided on a¬†desperate¬†gamble to discourage the Western Allies by launching an offensive that would sever the allies from the Belgian ports that had been recently liberated. The attack was […]

Battlefield Archaeology_Machine Guns

I was poking around the INET in the aftermath of finding the picture of the BT_5 being pulled out of the river. I discovered there is a movement in Germany and Russia to find the graves of their soldiers and relocate them in proper cemeteries. Unmarked graves or barely marked graves must contain the remains […]

Winchester 73

Winchester 1873 The picture is Winchester Model 73. The 73 refers to the first year it was manufactured-1873. The Winchester is famous for being known as the “cowboy gun” because it’s been used in just about every western ever made. One movie in particular made in 1950 documented this famous gun. It starred Jimmy Stewart. […]