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A Brief History of the American_British Alliance

A Brief History of the American_British Alliance

I’m not a particular fan of Twitter. I guess I don’t like counting characters. One of the things I do like is the incredible array of historical pictures one can find there through your follows. This one below popped up in my feed today. The picture symbolizes (to me anyway) the alliance the US and […]

Pomp and Circumstance India and Pakistan Style

India and Pakistan both achieved independence from Great Britain in 1947. Since that time they have fought three wars. Today both countries are nuclear powers and keeping the peace in the future is not a given. Apparently, there is only one major border road crossing between the two countries. Each day, both sides celebrate the […]

Classic Bolt Action Rifle_Lee-Enfield

I have a number of WW2 rifles in a collection I inherited from my dad. Our goal was to collect one rifle from each belligerent but he passed away before we could collect them all. However, he did find some nice pieces. The first one I’ll highlight is the British Enfield. This rifle was the […]

Falkland Islands, the struggle

Falkland Islands, the struggle. Learning reblog on WP is annoying and I apologize if you received a new blog post and tried to check it out and it wasn’t there. Errrrrrrrrr, here’s my second try. Now that I vented that I wanted to reblog the above post because it’s the 30th anniversary of the Falklands […]