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Morgenrot_Morning Glow

Morgenrot_Morning Glow

The 26th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment was a “German” Regiment raised for the Union during the American Civil War. It was nicknamed “The Sigel Regiment” after Franz Sigel himself a German immigrant from Baden. Twelve regiments of Germans were raised in 1862 from areas in the north with heavy German immigrant populations. The 26th Wisconsin was […]

Battle of the Bulge Miniatures_German

The Battle of the Bulge represented Germany’s last offensive fling on the Western Front. The Reich’s days were numbered and Hitler had to know it. He decided on a desperate gamble to discourage the Western Allies by launching an offensive that would sever the allies from the Belgian ports that had been recently liberated. The attack was […]

Battle Field Archaeology_DO-17

I got this lead from my friend Todd. Follow the link for the whole story. Apparently, a DO-17 German bomber used in the Battle of Britain has been found in 50 feet of water in the English Channel. Here’s what one looked like: I’m not well versed in the airplanes of the Luftwaffe or all […]

Ancestor in German Army

I did a little research on my great-grandfather on my mother’s side. He was born in Poland when it was not Poland but part of Germany. He served in the German Army in the Herzog Von Holstein Regiment in 1895-96. He came to America shortly after his service. I have his discharge papers and that […]

Bonhoeffer and Hitler’s Rise to Power

I’m about 40% through Eric Metaxas book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Like Tim Challies whose book review I’ve posted here (recommended) I came to know Bonhoeffer through his famous work The Cost of Discipleship as a relatively new Christian. Knowing that Bonhoeffer was killed in a concentration camp for his role in the July 20th, 1944 […]

Eastern Inferno 2

January 5th, 1942 “We receive orders to burn all files and boxes, personal paper and map material. The trucks with luggage and equipment are being prepared for detonation. The pressure of the Reds is huge. If that is not enough, now ammunition and provisions are becoming scarce. In the morning a heavy tank is blown […]

Eastern Inferno Book Review #1

I’m reading a book titled Eastern Inferno. The books consists of three journals that were privately kept by a corporal in the German Army in WW2 during Germany’s invasion of Russia. The man’s name is Hans Roth. Roth is in his early 30’s, married to Rosel and has a five-year-old daughter named Erika. He serves […]