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Doughboys Arrive in Great Britain 1917

The US entered World War One in April of 1917 but it would take a year before the doughboys arrived in numbers to make a difference in France. At the start of the war the US Army was tiny but by the end of hostilities on November 11th, 1918 over 4 million men had volunteered […]

Is Freedom of Religion Compatible with Sharia?

There is an ongoing controversy in New York regarding the building of a mosque close to the 9/11 site. I don’t wish to rehash that here but it did get me thinking as to how Moslem immigrants (and converts to Islam) function within a non-Islamic culture. In other words what are Moslem expectations of the […]

The War on Terror is a War of Ideas

The War on Terror is a War of Ideas – Page 1 – Jeff Jacoby – Townhall Conservative. In the above link Jeff Jacoby comments on a subject that I think gets to the heart of the matter. Here is Jacoby quoting President Bush in the wake of 9/11. Bush is speaking to a joint […]