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Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

One character from the War of Independence that I’ve found interesting, even intriguing, is Captain John Parker. Captain Parker’s main claim to fame comes from his role as the Captain of Colonial Militia for the area around Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. Parker was a militia captain served served in the French and Indian War in […]

The “Ignore the Information” Voter

I have a low-level membership in The Heritage Foundation, a conservative organization dedicated to upholding the Constitution. I like them because they are very good at assembling facts and making sound arguments founded on principle. Yet, here is a take-away line from their latest email update: Unfortunately, we live in a time in which people […]

A Near Run Thing

I was thinking of the Gadsden Flag today as the Supreme Court hears arguments about the constitutionality of Obama Care. More specifically, the ability to require citizens to buy anything. Whether or not health care for everyone is a good idea is irrelevant. What is at issue is the power of the government. If the government can compel you to […]

The Constitution is in Danger

My dad served with the 504th Military Police Battalion in occupied Germany from 1945-1946. I remember fondly how he’d share with me some of the experiences he had during his time of service. One of the things he told me more than once was “none of the krauts would admit to being Nazis.” Dad did not wonder […]