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The Destruction of Pasha Hicks

Some weeks ago I posted teaser for an upcoming game. The post featured my The Men Who Would  Be Kings (TMWWBK) Egyptian Army. We use approximately a double list from the rules for our colonial games and I have a number of house rules that provide flavor. We finally got around to doing the game […]

Hicks Pasha Disaster Preview

My plan is to play out the destruction of the Hicks disaster in the Sudan on September 30. The pictures below are roughly the initial set-up for the hapless Egyptians. The savage attack by forty thousand screaming dervishes had smashed into the Egyptian column in the forest of Shaykan, Kordofan Province, in the western Sudan, […]

Battle In Earnest-The Missed Opportunity at Nyezane, 22 January 1879

This battle report is about me translating a Black Powder Zulu War scenario into The Men Who Be Kings rule set. Battle in Earnest The Missed Opportunity at Nyezane 22 January 1879 British OB Infantry Bde 3rdFoot (12-figs) 99thFoot (12-figs) 7-pounder Naval Bde 7 pounder Gatling Mtd Infantry (8 figs) Natal Carbineers (8 figs) Natal […]

No game, just pictures.

In no particular order a whole of pictures from my and my friend’s Sudan project… We simply got together and tried out my new camera lens and posed some shots of our figures.

Burn the Kraal or Jolly Well Bad Luck Old Boy!

Our little group continues to practice colonial gaming with The Men Who Would be Kings (TMWWBK) ruleset published by Osprey and written by Daniel Mersey. In this scenario the Imperial objective was to teach a chap named Sihayo a lesson as to where his loyalties should be. As one of Cetshwayo’s allies who had the […]

Dartnell’s Reconnaissance -A Zulu War Scenario

The idea for the scenario came from: VICTORIA’S BATTLESBOOK TWO: THE ZULU WAR, 1879 WARGAME RULES FOR GREAT BRITAIN’S 19TH CENTURY COLONIAL WARS by Frank Capotorto The rules used in the game were The Men Who Would Be Kings by Daniel Mersey and Osprey Publishing. Below is a screen shot of the scenario (although hard to see I admit). […]

Zulu War Meeting Engagement

This was the second game our little group played using the rules, The Men Who Would Be Kings-Colonial Wargaming Rules by Daniel Mersey and published by Osprey. The forces used were almost double the basic field forces of 24 points suggested in the rules. Nevertheless, the game flowed quickly and we had a conclusion within […]

Zulu War 1879 Imperial Foot

Like my other Zulu War figures I’ve organized my units to be used in two sets of rules. For a skirmish type game I use The Men Who Would be Kings. In TMWWBK Regular Infantry are in 12 figure units. For larger games with more spectacle I want to use Black Powder. By combining two […]

Zulu War Naval Brigade

When I decided to get involved in 1\72 Colonials I had in mind organizing them for The Sword and the Flame (TSTF) rules. In TSTF each infantry unit has 20 figs plus a officer\leader. It wasn’t long however before I discovered two other sets of rules that I liked. One is The Men Who Would […]

Zulu War in HO Scale

This is the start of my Zulu War Project I’m doing with a friend. For the most part we are using ESCI\Italeri and HAT plastics in 1\72 scale. Although some are mounted on single stands the organization will be from Black Powder and the Zulu War Supplement. I also may make The Sword and the […]