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Wayside Park Remembering Wisconsin Veterans

There are a number of roadside memorials on the highways and byways of Wisconsin roads. Most are small and at best have a place to park and a picnic bench or two where you can enjoy your lunch off the highway. One of the larger ones I’ve seen is located near our new condo in […]


Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD for short. As a younger man I learned there was a school of thought that argued the US would never get involved in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union because it would mean mutually assured destruction and that would be madness regardless of who got the first shot in. […]

Speed of Sound

Fascinating vid featuring the speed of sound. Recently I finished a book that involved the Cold War and America’s development of high-altitude spy craft. The still of the SR-71 was especially interesting to me.

Elke’s Warning

A friend sent me this fascinating link titled “Elke’s Warning.” Elke was born in 1942 under Hitler. The part of Germany she lived in was known as East Germany and was under Soviet control until 1989. The video is well worth watching. It paints in broad strokes the direction the US is heading under Obama. […]

Area 51, UFO’s, Cold War, CIA

On September 23rd I wrote an article that explained I had ten books that I wanted to read while recovering from a surgery. Ten books were a bit optimistic but as most book-a-holics know you never want to run short of a good read. Well, I finished one, Area 51-An Uncensored History of America’s Top […]

My Uncle’s Ship_USS Providence_Guided Missile Cruiser

One of my earliest memories is of living in Boston, Massachusetts. My dad was transferred from AC Spark Plug in Oak Creek, Wisconsin to spend a year in Boston and attend MIT. He was involved in developing components for the space program. This would have been 1960 and I was in kindergarten- first grade. While we were in […]