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Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

One character from the War of Independence that I’ve found interesting, even intriguing, is Captain John Parker. Captain Parker’s main claim to fame comes from his role as the Captain of Colonial Militia for the area around Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. Parker was a militia captain served served in the French and Indian War in […]

The “2nd German” 26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

The 2000 census shows that 53% of Wisconsin’s population claims some German ancestry. During the Civil War a number of regiments consisted primarily of soldiers of one nationality. The best example is probably the Irish Brigade consisting of New England Regiments. Because of the huge number of immigrants from German areas of Europe whole regiments […]

The Iron Brigade at Gettysburg-Book Review

“Where has the firmness of the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg been surpassed in history?” Asked Rufus Dawes in a letter from Marietta, Ohio to an 1884 reunion of his Lemonweir Minute Men at Mauston [WI]. “Two thousand muskets were carried into battle and for four long hours these men breasted the billows of rebellion until […]

To Work for Our Brave and Suffering Soldiers

Fox Lake, Wisconsin is a small town of about 2,000 roughly 80 miles NW of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It sits on, naturally Fox Lake, a body of water of over 2,000 acres. My dad bought a condo on the lake and I inherited it when he passed away. The town has its own weekly newspaper called […]

Debunking Lee without a Clue

In today‚Äôs Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Richard Cohen wrote a scathing article on General Robert E. Lee. I suppose it was his questionable contribution to the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War. And let me clear before I start my rant. I am not defending slavery. It needed to be ended […]