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Dare-Devil Aces, Dec. 1940

Dare-Devil Aces, Dec. 1940

Awesome artwork is it not? My wife and I go to flea markets, rummage sales and antique stores as one of our shared interests. We do not buy much given that we live in a condo with limited space and our interests are narrow. This past Saturday we went to a flea market and I found a […]

Air Superiority in Dollars and Common Sense

In 1940 the Germans were preparing for an invasion of Great Britain. France had been defeated, the British driven from the continent and all that remained was for Germany to cross the channel and finish the job. There was one problem. The problem was in the form of the RAF and the German’s inability, despite […]

Spitfires to Fly Again!

This is good news for Warbirds fans. Some time ago it was reported that the dozens of British Spitfire fighter planes were discovered in Burma! The planes had been crated and buried to avoid the aircraft falling into the hands of the invading Japanese. It’s estimated that there are 60 British Spitfires to be dug […]

Found: WW2 Spitfires

As a kid, I and my friends who were interested in World War 2 were enthralled and excited when the movie The Battle of Britain came out. I recall going to public library in order to read up on the time period when Britain stood virtually alone against the Nazis. The out numbered but never […]