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US Threatens Denmark

US Threatens Denmark

As the world now knows the Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, shamelessly enticed President Barack Obama and British PM David Cameron at the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Upon his return to the US the President ordered US warships to the North Sea to threaten the Copenhagen government and have it turn over their flirtatious PM to […]

Stimulus that Works

Did a little shopping today with my wife and stopped at the sporting goods store. I promised to get some 9mm ammo and a cleaning kit for my Browning FN Hi-Power in my last post but was thwarted when it came to buying the ammo. The store was completely out of 9mm target rounds. Not […]

Apostle Barack?????

Okay, so I’m sick of the politics and would rather write about history but this blurb from a university professor takes the proverbial cake and sums up nicely what is wrong with America and its infantile hero worship of B. Obama. I mean really, come on. Seriously? Reminds me of the deification of Augustus Caesar […]

Sheepshead and Politics

Yeah, I’m interested in politics but really do not want my blog to be dominated by the subject. On the other hand, tis the season to be bombarded by politics so it’s hard not to comment on this or that with all that grist for the mill out there. Today I came across an interesting […]

My ancestor was a slave, maybe.

  I’m doing some genealogy work with the help of Ancestry.com. If there is a paper trail in your family then there is a good chance Ancestry.com will be of some help. It is with that in mind I’ve followed the breaking story regarding President Obama. The researchers at Ancestry.com have discovered a possible link […]


I’m trying to be selective with blog postings that are political in nature. I  do for this a number of reasons. 1) While politics interests me, politics do not necessarily interest my all readers. I prefer a more broad appeal over the narrower. 2) Even people who are interested in politics are sick of it […]

Socialist or Fascist?

Quiz time Question: What major European power was ruled by a political party that was called the National Socialist Worker’s Party from 1933-1945? Answer: Nazi Germany (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, National Socialist German Worker’s Party) With a label like that why do most Americans think the Nazi’s were a “far right” political party? It probably has to […]

Death is no longer abstract

This week the President who killed Osama (oh wait, that was the Navy Seals,) announced the timeline for the US to be out of Afghanistan entirely. I thought the bit about making pals with the Taliban if they agree to make nice revealed an idiotic kumbaya, naiveté on the part of President O. Whatever else one thinks […]

Elke’s Warning

A friend sent me this fascinating link titled “Elke’s Warning.” Elke was born in 1942 under Hitler. The part of Germany she lived in was known as East Germany and was under Soviet control until 1989. The video is well worth watching. It paints in broad strokes the direction the US is heading under Obama. […]

Would Jesus Tax the Rich?

I always find it interesting when politicians of either stripe use the Bible for their own purposes. The application of the passage they are quoting or referencing is almost always wrong or a  far-fetched application bearing little relationship to what is actually being said. President Obama is a liberal progressive to use their own terms. […]