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Ancestor Update_James T. Robinson

In researching my wife’s genealogy I had hit a dead-end in regards to her great-grandfather, James T. Robinson. I knew that James was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and was eighteen-years-old when he immigrated to America in 1851. I also knew that he served in the 42nd Wisconsin Infantry during the American Civil War and that […]

Another American Civil War Soldier in the Family

I’ve toyed on and off for years with genealogy and finally got to the point of paying Ancestry.Com for some help. With more and more and records being made digital it has proven to be a good move thus far. Ironically, I have been more successful in tracing my wife’s ancestry than my own.I attribute this to […]

Great Human Interest Mystery Story from the Civil War

  Great human interest mystery story from the Civil War. The summary is as follows: A Union soldier from a Ohio Regiment finds and takes a prayer-book off a dead Confederate soldier in an early battle in western Virginia. The Union soldier proves to be an amazing survivor of the war! He inscribed the prayer-book and gave […]

Just a Farmer, Civil War Soldier, Husband, Grandfather and Great Grandfather

The history books are filled with the stories of great men and women. You usually have to dig around a bit to find interesting stories about the average Joe or Jane who lived at a time of national crisis and what their role was in that crisis. Here’s a brief history based on the few […]

The Sharps Rifle

I’ve  had an interest in  the Sharps Rifle, especially the American Civil War model used by the Berdan’s Sharpshooters (1st USSS and 2nd USSS). Unlike State raised troops US Regulars were drawn from all the States. Company G of the first regiment was recruited from Wisconsin. As far as I know there isn’t a movie about the […]

To Work for Our Brave and Suffering Soldiers

Fox Lake, Wisconsin is a small town of about 2,000 roughly 80 miles NW of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It sits on, naturally Fox Lake, a body of water of over 2,000 acres. My dad bought a condo on the lake and I inherited it when he passed away. The town has its own weekly newspaper called […]

Remembering the Civil War and a Confederate Submarine

The South was desperate. The North was strangling the Southern economy with an effective naval blockade of the South’s ports. Blockade runners brought scant relief and they were being hunted down by a powerful Federal Navy. The South was desperate and willing to try just about anything to break the Northern blockade. The South hoped the CSA Hunley, […]