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Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires_The Ninth Company

Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires_The Ninth Company

There is one thing about laid up with an injury for a period of time-it provides opportunity to watch your stacked up movies on your Netflix list. So it was one recent Saturday when I finally got to watch the 2005 release of The Ninth Company a Russian production about a paratroop company that served […]

Death is no longer abstract

This week the President who killed Osama (oh wait, that was the Navy Seals,) announced the timeline for the US to be out of Afghanistan entirely. I thought the bit about making pals with the Taliban if they agree to make nice revealed an idiotic kumbaya, naiveté on the part of President O. Whatever else one thinks […]

Moslem Rage, Again and Again.

Who says intimidation does not work? Every time there is a real or imagined insult aimed at Islam the Moslem world goes crazy with rage and people die. What follows is weak western politicians bending over backwards to mollify the fanatics. Hint to the Western democracies: It will never work. They hate us. They will […]

Our First Foreign Entanglement

Students of history will know the US fought a three-year war with the Philippines at the turn of the 20th Century. The war was the result of the Spanish-American War. The US went to the Philippines because the country was under Spain’s rule and the US ended that. The US stayed after the war and kept the […]