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ACW in 6mm

Unfortunately, I lost the battle report and do not remember what happened and when it happened other than to say it was a resounding Confederate victory based on incidents on the second day of Gettysburg. The game was a division level fight that centered around the fields in the upper portion of the first picture […]

35th VA Cavalry Battalion

Although my ACW units can be generic for game purposes I do like to paint them up with a particular unit in mind. In this case I painted up 22mm ACW Musket Miniatures as the 35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion. The inspiration for the unit came from my reading of ACW Quarterly and the 35th’s participation […]

Confederate Artillery Battery 1861

The battery is part of my ACW Hampton’s Legion project. The infantry component was featured here. I wanted to achieve an early war-militia type look for these Confederates. I read in Troani’s ACW prints on militia and volunteers where South Carolina had a store of red kepis for the artillery batteries that the state raised-hence, […]

Classic Airfix ACW in 1/72 scale

My friends and I go way back, waaay back in the hobby of miniature wargaming. Because of this at least two of us collect old Airfix figures for nostalgia purposes but also to serve in our current wargame armies along side more recent productions. At present I have one unit USA and one unit CSA […]

2nd Day Gettysburg in 6mm

The pictures are from an actual recent 6mm ACW game. Figures, game board and terrain for the game was provided by contributor JZ. The rules used were On to Richmond (mod). The game reflected the second day’s fighting at Gettysburg as Longstreet attempted to turn the Union left.   The pictures were taken from an iPad […]

Union Dismounted Cavalry by IMEX

Dismounted Union Cavalry. Figures by IMEX. The unique feature of the figures is the fact they are carrying Colt pistols with a stock as opposed to the more usual carbines. The bugler is an interesting figure as well. He wears the braided jacket of a Hussar. The lack of a guidon figure is my only […]