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Bloody Hill

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek (called Oak Hills by the Southerners) was fought ten miles southwest of Springfield, Missouri on August 10, 1861. Named for the stream that crosses the area where the battle took place, it was a bitter struggle between Union and Southern forces for control of Missouri in the first year of […]

American Civil War in 1\72 Scale

This is an experimental post as I work with pages on the blog site. I just want to see of it works.

Logan’s Crossroads Black Powder ACW

Recently our little group did a small scenario of the Battle of Logan’s Crossroads or Mill Springs. I structured the game from a scenario published by Potomac Publishers and from the Experience the Mill Springs Battlefield website. I took a few liberties with the Order of Battle and terrain. It was our fourth game with Black Powder rules and while everyone enjoys the system […]

Hood’s Texas Bridgade

In an army with many storied infantry brigades perhaps Hood’s Texas Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia is the most renown. The brigade consisted of the 1st, 4th and 5th Texas and the 3rd Arkansas the only far west regiments in the A.N.V. Prior to Fredericksburg the brigade included the 18th Georgia and Hampton’s […]

Black Powder American Civil War

Here are some pics from a recent Black Powder ACW game. It’s my third game using the rules and I’m still getting used to the nuances but must say the game went well and I do like the rules as they reflect a Brigade\Regiment scale well in a fast moving game. The scenario featured the […]

Black Powder Hangman’s Creek Scenario

Test game-Black Powder, Hangman’s Creek Scenario Variant When I began to war game again after an absence of 25 years I had the notion to do Black Powder in the ACW. So after two years of painting and organizing  and then using my friend’s gorgeous 16′ by 4′ war game table we were ready to […]

The Battle of Belmont 1861

I often see a war game as an experiment especially when using new rules. In this case the experiment failed but because it was an experiment it didn’t fail at all because I learned from the failure. Having said that the pictures turned out. Birds eye view of a very nice gaming table. It shows […]

The Battle of Salem Church or 2nd Fredericksburg

The Battle of Salem Church or 2nd Fredericksburg Historical Situation In the spring of 1863 the Army of the Potomac opened it’s offensive against Richmond with a huge turning movement to unhinge Lee’s defenses overlooking Fredericksburg. The maneuver worked and Hooker took the Army of the Potomac across the Rappahannock River and into the tangle […]

Oldies but Goodies: A Union Infantry Brigade in 22mm

Below are a number of pictures of Union ACW units that I painted about 30 years ago. Yeah, I’m that old. The figures are 22mm Musket Miniatures (now out of business) but in 1984 they were called Stone Mountain Miniatures. Today a company named Stone Mountain makes similar miniatures but in the popular scale of […]

The Battle of Ox Hill ACW

Official report of the recent action at Chantilly, Virginia, September 1, 1862 ( Also referred to as the Battle of Ox Hill ) With Union forces retreating following the Battle of 2nd Manassas, Jackson sent Confederate forces against the Union right to try to disrupt the attempts to fall back and reform.  General Pope who […]