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A Coal War in West Virginia circa 1921

A Coal War in West Virginia circa 1921

A few years ago my wife and I traveled to Virginia for our wedding anniversary. Our destination was the beautiful Shenandoah Valley but to get there we had to travel through another beautiful area, the mountains of West Virginia. West Virginia is coal country. The people (not those struck down by poverty and lack of […]

Stimulus that Works

Did a little shopping today with my wife and stopped at the sporting goods store. I promised to get some 9mm ammo and a cleaning kit for my Browning FN Hi-Power in my last post but was thwarted when it came to buying the ammo. The store was completely out of 9mm target rounds. Not […]

My Browning “Luftwaffe” 9mm

My dad was a bit of gun collector in his later years. One day he came home with a 9mm Browning Hi-power handgun and an unusual story. He told me that Browning had a factory in Belgium (FN) and licensed their Browning guns to the various European powers before WW2. (The Hi-Power has been used […]