Old Soldiers and November 11th

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s my dad would take me to Milwaukee County Stadium to watch the Milwaukee Braves play. It was an enormously big deal for a boy who loved baseball to see the Braves, a team I might add, that never had a losing season while in Milwaukee (1953-1965)! County Stadium […]

The Eagle has landed…

I remember sitting in my fifth grade desk at St. Rita Catholic School in 1962. Everyone knew that Astronaut John Glenn was circling the earth in a spaceship. The principle of the school interrupted our class on the P.A. system declaring the successful splashdown after Glenn had circled the planet three times in the Redstone […]

WW2 Plane and Pilot Found After 70 Years

William Pryor-Bennett (62) is the closest living relative of Flight Sergeant Denis Copping, who, at the age of 24, crash-landed his Kittyhawk P40 plane and walked across the sands to his death. This is a fascinating story of the above RAF Squadron 260 pilot, Sergeant Denis Copping. Sergeant Copping and another pilot were flying two […]

Remembering Dad

Like many people my age my parents were children of the Great Depression. My father was born in May, 1927 a few years before the great stock market crash of 1929. Although common for the time dad’s life started out rougher than some. My grandmother Melinda, dad’s mom, ┬ádied giving birth to him. Melinda was […]

My Mom was an American Indian, not.

As a child in the sixties I used to ask my pretty mom how old she was. I don’t know why an six-year-old would need to know that but for some reason I wanted to know. Mom would always reply with a smile on her face that she was twenty-six. By the time I was […]

Broadside, 1812

As a kid I had a board game called Broadside. Broadside was a naval game based on the War of 1812. It was published in 1962 by Milton Bradley. It was part of a series that included a game on the American Civil War called Battle Cry and a WW1 flying game called Dogfight. Each […]

The Wilhelm Scream

Have you ever heard of the Wilhelm Scream? If not, you will after viewing this compilation. As a side note, look for the scenes from the 1954 movie “Them.” Back in the day, as a boy the big treat was to stay up late on Friday night and watch the Late Show with my dad […]